Making our Prophet ﷺ Happy

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By Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him in this life and the next), Ramadan 1436

The Prophet said ﷺ :

“The one who makes a believer happy, makes me happy, and the one who makes me happy has taken a covenant with Allah and the one who has taken a covenant with Allah will never be touched by the Fire.”

There is a great reward in pleasing a believer but how much greater is the reward for pleasing the Master of the Believers ﷺ? The Companions would discuss which of them never once displeased the Prophet. Among them was Sayyiduna Ali.

On Fridays our actions and intentions are displayed to him so let us seek to please him in what remains of Ramadan so that we attain the highest of stations.

May Allah protect us from anything which displeases him. It is not fitting that we displease him when he is the one who shows the greatest compassion and mercy to us.