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Qurbani / Udhiyah in Yemen

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The Messenger of Allah informed us that there is no action more beloved to Allah on the Day of Eid than making a sacrifice. He told his beloved daughter Sayyidah Fatimah al-Zahra’ that she would be forgiven for her previous wrongdoings with the first drop of blood to be shed from the sacrificed animal. She asked if this reward was specifically for the Household of the Prophet and he replied: “For us and for all Muslims.”

Rafah Foundation is performing qurbani/udhiyah in Tarim. The meat will be distributed to poor people in Tarim and the surrounding area and refugees who have fled their homes in other parts of Yemen due to conflict.

Rafah Foundation supports teachers, students and educational institutions and those in need and is currently providing aid to those suffering the effects of war in Yemen.


Cost of a sheep: $108 US = £83 GB

Cost of a goat:  $118 US = £91 GB


You can make an online payment using PayPal here:

 Or you can transfer directly to our UK bank account and then email us at to confirm


Rafah International

Barclays Bank

Account no 43578275

Sort Code 202608



By contributing you are authorising the project administrators to buy the animal, slaughter, make the intention for doing so and distribute the meat on your behalf.



May Allah accept all our good deeds at this blessed time.


On Muslims Living in Non Muslim Lands



Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

Is it permissible for Muslims to remain in non-Muslim lands? Do you advise Muslims living in non-Muslim lands to emigrate to Muslim lands?

It is permissible for them to remain on two conditions:

  1. That they are able to openly establish the main rituals of Islam, such as the prayer, including the Eid prayer and the Friday prayer, zakat and fasting.
  2. That their religion is not under threat, meaning that they are not forced to do something which is forbidden or prevented from doing fulfilling any of their religious obligations and they do not fear that their children’s faith will be corrupted or lost.

It is better for them to remain in non-Muslim lands on three conditions:

  1. That they are able to openly practise their religion
  2. That their religion is not under threat
  3. That they are able to show people around them the true teachings of Islam and be of benefit to others.

If these three conditions are not fulfilled they should move to Muslim lands.