Entering Paradise with the Beloved ﷺ

Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) tells us how to enter Paradise with the Beloved ﷺ 

“Adam and all the other Prophets will be under my banner on the Day of Judgement.” Where will you be on that day? Let us all be under the banner of the Beloved. He will be the first to enter Paradise. The other prophets are forbidden from entering until he enters, and the other nations are forbidden from entering until his Ummah enters.

The Prophet ﷺ said: “I am the first to knock on the gates of Paradise and with me will be the poor among the believers.”

The gates are open and he knows that Paradise was created for him and for those that love him and follow him, but out of his immense etiquette he stops. He waits for permission from his Lord. The Prophet is far greater in status than the angel Riḍwān, the guardian of Paradise, but out of his etiquette with his Lord he waits.

“Who is at the gate?” Ridwan asks.

“I am Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah.”

“Welcome, O Messenger of Allah. I have been ordered by my Lord not to allow anyone to enter until you enter.”

People will enter Paradise in groups, one after the other, but there will be a group that enters with him. Most of the people in that group will be from the early generations, but in every generation there are people who will be in that group: “In every generation of my Ummah there are those who outstrip the others.”

The Prophet ﷺ will enter Paradise and then he will come out again to intercede for various people. He will bring whole groups to enter Paradise.

People talk a lot about the future, but this is the greatest future that is awaiting us. If we were aware of these events we would not be deceived by anyone.

People compete with each other to have their name written in different places, but his name ﷺ is inscribed upon the Throne. Who inscribed it there? With Whose name is his? Allah placed his name next to His to show his greatness. Whoever lives on the face of the earth not knowing the greatness of Muhammad ﷺ is someone who is in loss, someone distant from his Lord.

If you wish to drink from his Pool in the next life, drink from the pool of attachment to him in this life, the pool of following him, the pool of his knowledge, the pool of his guidance, the pool of raising your children according to his way. If your children taste the sweetness of the connection to him and love for him they will be safe from all types of tribulation.


Extracts from a talk in the weekly mawlid in Dar al-Mustafa 2nd Rabi l-Awwal 1345/ 2nd January 2014.