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Method of Seeing the Prophet ﷺ – Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad

Hb Ahmad 4

Sayyid Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad narrates that his grandfather, Habib Ahmad Mashhur al-Haddad (may Allah have mercy upon him and benefit us by him), gave permission for the following to be recited in order to see the Prophet ﷺ.

Recite this verse of the Burdah of Imam al-Busiri followed by any prayer upon the Prophet ﷺ. Repeat this ten times:


نَعَمْ سَرَى طَيْفُ مَنْ أَهْوَى فَأَرَّقَني

وَ الْحُبُّ يَعْتَرِضُ اللَّذَّاتِ باِلأَلَمِ

Na`am sara tayfu man ahwa fa arraqani

Wa’l-hubbu ya`taridu’l-ladhdhati bi’l-alami

Yes, a vision of the one I love came to me by night, and I could not sleep,

Oh, how love hinders the tasting of delight with its suffering

A second method Habib Ahmad mentioned was to go bed on Thursday night in a state of complete purity and to recite the same verse of the Burdah once followed by this prayer upon the Prophet ﷺ seven times:


اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ على سَيِّدِنا مُحَمَّدٍ حَبِيبِ الرَّحْمَن وسَيِّدِ الأكْوَان الحاضِر مَعَ مَنْ صَلَّى عَلَيْهِ في كُلِّ زَمَان ومَكان

Allahumma salli `ala sayyidina Muhammadin habibirrahman wa sayyidi’l-akwan al-hadir ma` man salla `alayhi fī kulli zaman wa makan

 O Allah, bestow Your blessings upon our Master Muhammad, the Beloved of the All Merciful, the master of all creation, the one who is present with whoever bestows prayers upon him in every time and place.

Habib Abdullah bin Shihab

Hb Abdullah bin Shihab 3

Habib Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Alawi bin Shihab al-Din was born on 13th Ramadan 1352 (1933). He immediately came under the eye of his grandfather, the great imam of Tarim, Habib Alawi, and he developed a very strong attachment to him. From an early Habib Alawi would take his grandson with him to Masjid Surur to recite the Qur’an long before Fajr.

He grew up under the care of his father, Habib Muhammad. As a young boy, he was blessed to recite the Fatihah to Habib Abdullah bin Umar al-Shatiri. In his youth he studied in the Ribat of Tarim and under the scholars of the city. Among his teachers were Habib Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafiz, Habib Umar bin Alawi al-Kaf, Shaykh Mahfuz bin Salim bin Uthman and Shaykh Fadl Ba Fadl.

He performed hajj twice and took knowledge from the scholars of the Hijaz. He kept the company of Sayyid `Alawi bin `Abbas al-Maliki and was blessed to enter with him the Hujrah al-Sharifah, the blessed resting place of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ .  He also visited Egypt and took from the scholars there.

Habib Alawi passed on leadership of religious affairs in Tarim to his son, Habib Muhammad and when Habib Muhammad died while calling to Allah in 1400, Habib Abdullah continued in his footsteps. He emulated his predecessors perfectly in everything he did. For nearly forty years he presided over gatherings of knowledge and remembrance such as the Madras of his ancestor, Shaykh Ali bin Abu Bakr al-Sakran and the weekly mawlid in Masjid Surur. When the Habaib of Tarim were assembled he would lead them in prayer. He led countless funeral prayers and always accepted wedding invitations. In his final years he was physically unable to lead the prayer and preside over gatherings but the stream of visitors who came to his house in al-Nuwaydarah continued as it had throughout his life. Every visitor was greeted with a beautiful smile and left spiritually uplifted.

He finally departed from this life on Sunday night, 17th Jumada al-Akhirah 1439 / 5th March 2018. Before his janazah prayer on the morning of Tuesday 19th Jumada al-Akhirah, Habib Mashhur bin Hafiz spoke, saying that the huge crowd that had assembled was proof of the station of Habib Abdullah and the love that people had for him. Habib Umar bin Hafiz then spoke, recalling the janazah of Habib Abdullah’s father, Habib Muhammad. The janazah had such a profound effect upon people’s lives that it caused many to change their approach, leave acts of disobedience and focus on preparing for the next life. Habib Umar reminded the crowd of the countless occasions on which Habib Abdullah spoke and how his words moved people’s hearts. He asked who will follow in his footsteps and move people’s hearts with words filled with light? Will it be people who spend their time looking at forbidden images on their phones day and night? Habib Umar called for a return to the methodology that Habib Abdullah embodied. It was said that the one who missed out on studying did not miss out on worship and the one who missed out on worship did not miss out on correct etiquette. In other words, many people devoted their lives to studying the Islamic sciences and those who did not engaged themselves in worship. Those who did not engage themselves in worship were at the very least people of good etiquette (adab) with their Lord and with the creation.

May Allah reward Habib Abdullah for his service and allow his way to be preserved.

Hb Umar with Hb Abdullah

Habib Umar bin Hafiz with Habib Abdullah and his son, Habib Ahmad.

Habib Aydarus bin Sumayt

Habib Aydarus bin Abdullah bin Sumayt was born in Tarim, Hadramawt in 1355 (1936) and for many years was the imam of Masjid al-Mihdar, one of the city’s main and most historic mosques. He was a spiritual guide and healer and was much loved by the people of the city. There was hardly a person in Tarim nor a visitor to the city who did not go to his house next to Masjid al-Mihdar in order for him to read over them or see to their needs. He had immense humility and would never turn anyone away.

On Friday 14th Jumada al-Akhirah 1439 / 2nd March 2018, Habib Aydarus  was martyred in shocking circumstances in Tarim, Hadramawt. On that morning, after he had prayed fajr in the mosque with the congregation, as was his custom, a man knocked on his door claiming that he was sick and asking Habib Aydarus to read verses of the Qur’an over him. After welcoming him in, Habib Aydarus asked him to wait while he finished praying Salat al-Duha. He went to another room and began praying. The man then went in and shot him and he died on his prayer mat in front of his wife. This act of treachery and brutality bore all the hallmarks of the Khawarij of our time.

His death is reminiscent of the death of Sayyiduna Umar ibn al-Khattab, who asked to die as a martyr in Madinah, and also of the death of Sayyiduna Uthman, who died in his own home. Who would have thought that Habib Aydarus would die as a martyr in his own home in Tarim? The Prophet ﷺ  also told us that the one who dies on Friday will be given the reward of a martyr and will be protected from the punishment of the grave.

 May Allah raise his rank and give ease to his family and loved ones.

Habib Aydarus sitting in Masjid al-Mihdar with his son, Habib Abu Bakr on one of those Ramadan nights.