Imam al-Haddad’s Plea to the Prophet ﷺ

This is how Imam al-Haddad addresses a plea to the Prophet ﷺ . Verses from his great poem, al-Ra’iyyah al-Kubra:

نبيَّ الهُدى لا تَنْسَني من شفاعةٍ

فإني مُسيءٌ مُذْنِبٌ ذو جرائرِ


ألا يا رسولَ الله عطفاً و رحمةً

لِمُسْتَرْحِمٍ مُسْتَنْظِرٍ لِلْمَبَارِرِ


ألا يا حبيبَ الله غوثاً و غارةً

لذي كُرْبَةٍ مسودَّةٍ كَالدَّياجِرِ


ألا يا خليلَ الله نَجْدَةَ ماجِدٍ

كريمَ السَّجايا كاشفاً لِلْمَعَاسِرِ


ألا يا أمينَ الله أمْنَاً لِخَائِفٍ

أتى هارِباً مِنْ ذَنْبِهِ المُتَكاِثرِ


ألا يا صفيَّ الله قُمْ بِي فَإِنَّني

بكم و إليكم يا شريفَ العناصِرِ


O guiding Prophet, do not deprive me of your intercession

For I am a good for nothing sinner and wrongdoer


O Messenger of Allah, show kindness and mercy

To this seeker who is awaiting Your gifts


O Beloved of Allah, your aid and support is sought for a person

Whose troubles have enveloped him like a dark night


O Friend of Allah, I call upon the assistance of you, most distinguished

And noblest of men, remover of hardships


O Allah’s trusted representative, give safety to a fearful servant

Who has fled his numerous wrongdoings


O Allah’s chosen one, support me, for I rely upon you

And return to you, O most noble in lineage