On Being Consistent in Reciting your Awrad

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

How can I be consistent in reciting my awrad?

You can attain consistency by remembering the great effect that reciting them has in this life and the next and by reflecting upon the rewards and benefits that have been narrated regarding the remembrance of Allah. Our lives will pass by either in remembrance or in doing something else and it is better for our time to be spent in remembrance.

You need to make sure your heart is present when you read the awrad so that you can experience their meanings. You should remember that the gifts that come to the heart from Allah come according to the awrad that you read. You can read them with a group if this will be of benefit.

No one should allow anything to stop them from reciting the awrad even if they feel they do not have presence of heart. They must not allow the Devil to make them despair. Rather they should continue and seek to have etiquette and seek the most important thing, which is presence of heart. Allah describes the people of intellect as being people that remember Allah while standing, sitting and lying on their sides.


How can we remember Allah constantly?

By being vigilant in maintaining your presence of heart during the dhikr until your soul tastes the sweetness of it and cannot do without it. Those that remember Allah often, male and female, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and an immense reward.