On Overcoming Boredom in the Home

Answered by Sayyidi al-Ḥabīb `Umar bin Hafīẓ (may Allāh preserve him and benefit us by him).

There is a married woman who feels depressed when she stays at home too long. Should she go out and work?

It is better if she is able to go out to keep the company of pious women and serve the religion. She should strive to be present with Allāh when she remembers Him and recites the Qur’ān. She should read the following 100 times a day:


رَبِّ اشْرَحْ لي صَدْرِي و يَسِّرْ لي أَمْرِي


Rabbi-shraḥ li ṣadrī wa yassir lī amrī

My Lord bring tranquillity to my heart and give me ease in my affair’1

1Tā Hā, 20:25-26