On Raising Our Aspirations

Advice from Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him).

We all need immense aspiration (himmah). Do not believe for a moment that Allah’s treasure troves have decreased in any way or that His gifts have stopped coming. To believe that constitutes a rejection of Allah’s blessings.

 The treasure troves of Your generosity never end

 In spite of the abundance of Your gifts to the seekers

Allah continues to choose and select people, so your aspirations must be vast in seeking Him. You must seek to attain high stations, but not by yourself or through your actions, since you can only ascend through Him. Strive to honour your covenant with Him. Act as far as you are able and know that you and I are slaves. It is unacceptable for us to hold back from giving everything we have and doing all that we are able to do. If you give everything, Allah will raise you. It is only He Who can raise you. You should desire what He possesses and know that His generosity is constantly pouring down upon you, so you must knock on this door. No one reached Allah without placing their hopes in Him.

All blessings and gifts are obtained through hope, so focus on that

You must focus on Allah with immense aspiration. Do not lose hope or despair. You live in a time in which renewal (tajdid) must take place.[1] Ask Allah that he makes you among the ranks of those who bring about renewal. This is not a difficult thing for Allah to grant you, but do not negate this with your actions or intentions. I counsel you to increase your desire for Him and His gifts, for He loves those that desire Him. Have no desire for people, for this leads to abasement. Rather increase your hope in Him and your desire for Him. There is nothing to stop Allah recording you among those destined for the highest type of companionship.

توجيه النبيه ص111-112

[1] The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Allah sends forth at the beginning of every hundred years someone who renews for this Ummah its religion.” Narrated by Abu Daud. The scholars say that it can be a group of people who bring about renewal.