On Dealing with Objections to Tasawwuf

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him).

My husband does not agree with the way of tasawwuf and does not like my attachment to this way. What can I do?

You need to deal with him according to the principles of tasawwuf: being patient, treating him well and not arguing with him. If you do this he will be completely immersed in tasawwuf. Treat him well and treat him gently and ask Allah in abundance to expands his heart.[1] All that the people of tasawwuf need to do in every situation is to deal with people according to the principles of tasawwuf. The realities of tasawwuf are, however, hard to attain and its stations are lofty and we ask for a great portion of it.


[1] Meaning he becomes convinced of the correctness of the way of tasawwuf