The Aqidah of Shaykh Ali bin Abu Bakr al-Sakran

The Aqidah of Shaykh Ali bin Abu Bakr al-Sakran is a short but comprehensive statement of the tenets of faith of the Ahl al-Sunnah. It should be recited on a daily basis. Shaykh Ali composed it to make firm the faith of those that recite it and protect them from deviance so that they meet Allah fully witnessing His oneness. It is particularly beneficial in our time in which the very foundations of our faith are liable to be shaken.

It is widely recited in the mosques of Hadramawt and other regions. It is often recited after the Ratib of Imam al-Haddad before or after the Isha prayer and many people know it by heart. Shaykh Ali was the brother of Imam Abdullah al-Aydarus and one of the great Imams of the Ba Alawi way. May Allah raise his rank and benefit us by him.

Here we present the Arabic text with translation and transliteration by Sidi Amjad Tarsin. We ask Allah for the ability to recite it and benefit from it. We ask Allah that our last words in this life be la ilaha ill’Allah.