Insights into Purification: A Different Type of Water

Allah created physical tangible water with which we cleanse our bodies from impurities, remove states of ritual impurity and wash our clothing and containers.

But He also created noble spiritual water with which our hearts, minds and souls may be cleansed from all types of impurities inward and outward, large and small.

The only containers that hold this type of water are the hearts of those who are in Allah’s presence. From their hearts, this water may then be poured into people’s hearts and souls and they can thus be purified.

This often takes place when we sit with the best etiquette in gatherings of knowledge and remembrance in the presence of such purified people who are able to purify others.

Extracts from Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz’s classes on the rulings and etiquettes of purification from Habib Abdullah bin Husayn Balfaqih’s “Kifayat al-Raghib” in Shafi fiqh.