The Danger of Belittling Worship and Remembrance

Habib Ali al-Jifri (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) draws our attention to a subtle trap that activists may fall into. They may mistakenly think that spending time in Allah’s remembrance is a waste of time and that people instead should be occupied solving the problems of the Ummah. Such a belief has dangerous consequences.

“One of the Devil’s tricks is to make the believer belittle remembrance and worship on the basis that Islam is a religion of action which covers all aspects of life. This then leads him into the trap of showing bad etiquette with Allah and takes him away from worship which the Prophet ﷺ called one of the gardens of Paradise. His character worsens and this is reflected in his speech and actions. His heart becomes darkened with the filth of hatred, pride and arrogance.

In spite of these terrible things, he is under the illusion that he is struggling for the sake of the truth and the religion and defending it against oppression and its proponents. He is heedless of the fact that the truth and Islam cannot be defended by going against the teachings of the Prophet, the Chosen One ﷺ who was sent as a mercy to all the worlds.

O Allah, give us insight that allows us to know the path to You and give us the ability to take the path which arrives at Your pleasure. Do not entrust us to our lower selves and do not surrender us to the Devil even for the blink of an eye, O Living, O Sustainer!”


ملمح دقيق في السلوك

من حيل الشيطان على قلب المؤمن أن يُدخل عليه الاستخفاف بالذكر والتنسّك، من حيث لا يشعر، بذريعة أن الإسلام دين عمل وشمولية لجوانب الحياة، فيوقعه في فخ إساءة الأدب مع الله، ويجنح به بعيدًا عن رياض جنة العبادة، ثم يجد نفسه يتردّى شيئًا فشيئ في أخلاقه لفظًا وفعلًا، ويُظلم قلبه بقاذورات الكراهية والعُجْب والكبر

وهو مع كل هذه المصائب يتوهم أنه في طريق نصرة الحق والدين ومحاربة الظلم والظالمين، غافلًا بأن الحق والدين لا يُنصران بمخالفة هدي المصطفى الأمين، من أرسله الله رحمة للعالمين صلى الله وسلم عليه وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين.
اللهم ارزقنا من البصيرة ما نفقه به مسالك الطريق إليك، وارزقنا من التوفيق ما نسلك به مسالك الرضا منك وإليك، ولا تكلنا إلى أنفسنا ولا تُسلمنا إلى الشيطان طرفة عين، يا حي يا قيوم