The Annual Visit to the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him)

Thousands will soon be gathering to attend the annual visit of the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him), probably the most significant event in the calendar of Hadramawt.

Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) will be leading his students to the visit. In doing so, he follows in the footsteps of his forefathers. It is said that the Ba `Alawi scholars went to great lengths to extol the virtues of two things: the books of Imam al-Ghazali, particularly Ihya’ `Ulum al-Din, and the visit of the Prophet Hud.

He will be visiting on behalf of every member of the Ummah. He will be remembering all those that are connected to him in that blessed place and asking Allah to remove the sufferings of the Ummah.

Habib Umar said in one of his poems:


زَوَّار هُود النَّبِي بُشْرَاكُمْ بِالمِنَح

امداد مَوْلاي في ذا الشِّعْب كَمْ قَدْ مَنَح

O visitors to the Prophet Hud, good tidings of great gifts:

My Lord has bestowed so many blessings in that valley;

و كَمْ لأبْوَاب فَضْله و المَوَاهِب فَتَح

و كَمْ تَكَرَّم و عَافى و عَفَى و سَمَح

So many times He has opened the doors of His bounty;

So many times He has given, healed, forgiven and pardoned


He said in another poem:

هيا إلى الشعب قد سالت علينا شعوب

و من حمى المصطفى هبت علينا هبوب

Let’s enter the Valley – upon us the floods pour

And upon us breezes from the Chosen One blow

هذه الزيارة بها غفر الزلل و الذنوب

يا ربنا اكشف بها عاجل جميع الكروب

Through this visit sins and wrongdoings are forgiven

O Lord, by it swiftly remove all tribulations!

فيا إلهي علينا رب تب لنتوب

عامل بمحض الكرم ذلل جميع الصعوب

My Lord turn to us that we may repent

Treat us with pure kindness and make easy all difficulties

بجاه أحمد ختام الرسل طب القلوب

و هود لي زورته تجلي جميع الكروب

Through the status of Ahmad, the Seal of the Messengers, Healer of the Hearts

And Hud, through the visit of whom all tribulations are removed


You can read more about the visit here.

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