Keeping the Company of the Poor

Advice from Habib Ali al-Habashi (may Allah have mercy upon him and benefit us by him).

You must show good character to all people. Through good character you may attain the stations of the people of immense truthfulness (al-siddiqun) and ascend to the highest levels of certainty. Be the most gentle and forbearing of people. Pardon those who wrong you and give to those who refuse to give you anything. If someone treats you badly, treat them well and forgive their wrongdoings however great they are.

Show compassion to the weak and needy and keep the company of the poor. Sit in their company without seeing yourself as superior to them, but rather see yourself as the lowest among them. If you see lice on their clothing then remove them. Eat with them regardless of the place in which they are eating.

Allah’s gaze is upon them and they are the means of attaining His mercy. They possess the most precious treasure and they will have the greatest status on the Day of Judgement. On that day, they will be in Allah’s presence. So be with them in this life and you will be considered one of them and you will be resurrected with them.

It is enough of an honor for them that the Truthful One ﷺ said: “O Allah, allow me to live as a poor person, to die as a poor person and resurrect me along with poor people.”

Reflect upon his statement: “Resurrect me along with poor people.”

This shows you how elevated their station is.