The Root Cause of the Problem

Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) explains the root causes of attacks on the Prophet ﷺ and the best response.

The insults you hear levelled at our Master, the Chosen One ﷺ in France or elsewhere are in reality the result of Muslims disregarding the teachings of their Lord and of their Prophet ﷺ; neglecting their obligations, falling into forbidden things and looking up to certain non- Muslim figures. This is the root cause of the problem.This then led to people openly attacking the best person in existence ﷺ . Anyone who has even a tiny amount of faith should wake up and realise that they have to choose between Islam and disbelief and truth and falsehood and they need to turn wholeheartedly to Allah.

The best response to these things is to hold fast to the noble Sunnah, educate people about the awesome qualities of the Prophet ﷺ and to treat those people as if they do not exist and as if they have achieved nothing because that is the reality, as Allah and His Messenger informed us. What we are seeing is acts of foolishness stemming from the burning anger that they have when they see the light of this Prophet spreading in their lands and elsewhere in spite of their efforts. This is a fulfilment of the divine promise: “that Allah will give it transcendence over every other religion”.

We must hold fast to the Sunnah, revive it amongst ourselves and allow people to witness the teachings and character of the Prophet in our interactions with them. This will then be the key to removing this darkness and a means of defending the truth and defending the Messenger ﷺ who was sent with mercy by the Lord of Mercy. He came for the greatest purpose and left us on the clearest of paths.

May Allah allow us to follow him perfectly, love him absolutely and support his cause and allow us to die on his faith and be resurrected with him accompanied with ease and wellbeing.