When Something Tells You to Make Tawbah..

When a thought enters your heart and something inside you tells you to make tawbah and repent, then be certain that this is a divine moment in which Allah is manifesting Himself to you with His name al-Tawwab, the Oft-Returning.

So seize the opportunity and do not delay or allow yourself to be distracted because this will stop you from achieving your goal.

Reflect upon the fact that Allah says: “Then He turned to them, that they might repent (9:118).”

O Allah, turn to us so that we can attain sincere repentance which purifies our bodies, hearts and souls. You are the Gentle, the Oft-Turning

Habib Ali al-Jifri (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

عندما تُحدّثك نفسك بخاطر التوبة فاعلم أنك في لحظة قدسية يتجلى عليك الله فيها باسمه التواب

  تغانمها ولا تلتفت عنها بالتسويف والتأجيل فالمُلتفت لا يصل

وتأمّل: {ثمّ تابَ عليهم ليتوبوا}

اللهم تب علينا توبة نصوحا تُطهرنا بها جسما وقبا وروحا يا لطيف يا توّاب