VIDEO: Welcoming the Month of the Greatest Beloved ﷺ

Sayyidi al-Habib `Umar (may Allah preserve him and benefit us by him) talks about the state we should be in and the ways to prepare ourselves and our loved ones in welcoming the month of the Noble Birth of the Beloved ﷺ.

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“Receive the month of his birthﷺ with actions that will draw your Lord’s felicity and assistance such that you enter into the circles of those whom He loves and are gathered under his bannerﷺ […] Receive this month well with truthful turning to Allah and with an increase in faith, love, and certainty. Let mention of the Prophet, his birth, his life, his news fill your homes. Raise your voices in invocations of blessings upon him. Illuminate your hearts and your homes by them…”

Translation of Jaliyat al-Kadr

On the 17th of Ramadan, a poem called Jaliyat al-Kadr is recited in Dar al-Mustafa. It is a poem in which the names of all the Companions that attended the Battle of Badr (may Allah be well pleased with them) are mentioned. It was compiled by Habib ‘Abdullah bin Mustafa al-‘Aydarus (may Allah have mercy on him). In it he calls upon his Lord to remove all difficulties by mentioning the Prophet, upon him be peace, and his closest and most beloved Companions who fought at the great battle of Badr.

This great poem has been translated by Sh. Abdul Aziz Ahmed (may Allah protect him and increase him), and can be downloaded here.

On Moonsightings and Avoiding Conflict

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

Regarding the entrance of Ramadan and the day of Eid, if my family does not follow the moon sighting, should I follow the moon sighting or do what my family is doing to avoid conflict?

You must submit to the correct opinion according to the Sacred Law without disrespecting your family and without argumentation or animosity. If they celebrate Eid on a different day then express your joy and give them your good wishes even though you yourself are not celebrating it on that day.

On Ashura Gatherings

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

What should we do if our Shia friends invite us to one of their gatherings on Ashura?

We tell them that there are sunnahs which the grandfather of Sayyiduna al-Husayn taught us to implement on this day. If there is anything prohibited that takes place in the gathering, such as people hitting themselves or cursing the Companions, then we cannot attend. Continue reading On Ashura Gatherings

Actions on the Night of the Isra and Mi’raj

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him).

What should we do on the night of the Isra and Mi’raj?

Nothing specific is prescribed on that night. However, if you hold a gathering, you should talk about the Prophet ﷺ and the Mi’raj and pray for the Ummah in abundance. Fasting on the following day (27th Rajab) is also good. Rewards for doing so are mentioned in some narrations. Although these narrations are weak, fasting is generally recommended in the sacred months, of which Rajab is one.

On Emulating the Beloved ﷺ in Our Homes

Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him) encourages us to emulate the Beloved ﷺ  in our homes. 

As the month of Rabi al-Awwal comes, may you gain an attachment with the one born in Rabi al-Awwal. Connect to him through loving him and following him. Raise the banner of following him in every room in your house. Remove anything that goes against his teachings. Do not raise the banner of someone abased in your house. Continue reading On Emulating the Beloved ﷺ in Our Homes