Our Prophet ﷺ : Father, Guide, Doctor and Teacher

In this prayer, Habib Ali al-Habashi poetically expresses the noble qualities of our beloved Prophet ﷺ . In his relationship with his nation, the Messenger exhibits the qualities of a father who compassionately raises and nurtures his children, protecting them from all types of harm while guiding them to the best and straightest of paths. Continue reading Our Prophet ﷺ : Father, Guide, Doctor and Teacher

Advice for University Students

Answered by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah protect him and benefit us by him)

What advice do you have for students starting a new year at college or university?

Go with the intention of dawah (calling people to Allah) and having a good effect on those around you by displaying kindness and good character. Engage with people and clarify the teachings of Islam when the opportunity arises. Seek to be among those mentioned in the hadith who mix with people and patiently bear any harm they receive from them (who are better than those who do not mix with people and do not patiently bear any harm). Strive to lower your gaze when this is required and maintain a good opinion of people. Be among those who remember Allah amidst those who are heedless of Him.

Early Days in the Call to Allah

Habib Ali al-Jifri derives some lessons from photos of Habib Umar bin Hafiz in his youth in the Bayda region of Yemen calling to Allah and teaching people their religion.

Firstly, dawah is not built upon large gatherings and media support (without negating the importance of these two things), but rather upon going out to people, spending time with them and teaching them the basics. Continue reading Early Days in the Call to Allah

One of Our Chosen Servants

The woman in whose house he was living tried to seduce him: she bolted the doors and said, ‘Come to me,’ and he replied, ‘God forbid! My master has been good to me; wrongdoers never prosper.’

She made for him, and he would have made for her if he had not seen the sign of his Lord. We did this in order to keep evil and indecency away from him, for he was truly one of Our chosen servants (12:23-24) Continue reading One of Our Chosen Servants

Ta’rif – Gathering on the Day of Arafah in Tarim


Habib Alawi bin Abdullah al-Aydarus explains the practice of ‘Ta’rif’, gathering to remember Allah on the Day of Arafah and shows how it is practised in the blessed city of Tarim.

This footage is precious because present in the gathering are Habib Abdullah bin Shihab, Habib Salim al-Shatiri and Habib Ali al-Mashhur bin Hafiz, all of whom have now departed this world, may Allah have mercy upon them all. Habib Ali al-Mashhur is very hard to spot but his voice can be clearly heard reciting the adhkar.